Philip Meersman (°1971, Belgium). Philip created and executed poetry-performances in Belgium, Holland, Italy, rance, Austria, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, Israel and in November 2008 in Argentinia. His poetry has been translated into French, English, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Russian, Spanish, Romanian, Italian, Hebrew and Arabic and has been published in several literary magazines, anthologies and art or poetry festival publications. He’s a founding member of the (international) artist collectives DAstrugistenDA and artiestencollectief JA!. His work puts the emphasis on playing with the sounds which become a language, on deconstructing language to it’s basic sounds. Sounds and images are also (and even more so than language a convention) universal forms of communication. Stretching conventions, bend them and breaking them so different word meanings and word forms become the centre of his poetry in relation to current affairs. CHECK THE ENGLISH VIDEO JUST BELOW